Cookies Policy

Accepting cookies is not a prerequisite to be able to visit our Web pages. We would point out, however, that our website and the service only has limited functionality, if you do not allow us to set cookies.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and which save certain settings and data for data exchange with our system via your Web browser. There are basically two different kinds of cookies, session cookies, which are deleted when you close your browser and permanent/temporary cookies, which are stored on your computer for a longer or unlimited time. This storage helps us to design our websites and our offer and make the use easier for you. For example, save some of your feeds in a way that lets you do not constantly have to repeat them.

The cookies used by Harika?
Most of the cookies we use are deleted again automatically from your computer when you close your browser (end the session). Therefore they are called also for session cookies. Session cookies are needed for example to be able to offer shopping cart functions on multiple pages. In addition, we also use cookies that remain on your computer. At the next visit are automatically recorded that you have already visited us before and what inputs and settings you prefer. These temporary or even permanent cookies (age 1 month to 10 years) are stored on your hard drive and are deleted automatically when the set time is reached. In particular, these cookies that are used to make our services more user-friendly, more effective and safer. Thanks to these files, for example, is it possible that you will receive tailored information on the page. The sole purpose of these cookies is to adapt our offerings to our customers ‘ wishes and make it as convenient as possible for you as you browse with us.

What information is stored in cookies?
In the cookies, Harika uses only pseudonymized data. Upon activation of these cookies, they are assigned an identification number. Coordination with your personal data to this identification number does not occur. Your name, your IP address or similar information allowing direct coordination between you and this cookie is not saved in it. Based on cookie technology we obtain only pseudonymous information, such as which pages of our website that have been visited, what products you have viewed, etc.

What is onsite targeting?
Based on cookie technology is collected at Harika website data to optimize our advertising and our Internet offers. This data is not used to identify you personally but is simply for a pseudonymous evaluation of site usage. With this technology, we can present advertisements and/or special offers and services for you. The content is based on the information obtained in the course of clicks analysis (for example, advertising that focuses on the last few days has only looked at sports shoes). Our goal is to make our online services as attractive as possible for you and to present advertising that matches your interests.

There are also third-party cookies (so-called third-party cookies)?
Harika uses some advertising partners that contribute to making our Internet offers and Web pages more interesting for you. Therefore also saves cookies from partner companies on your hard drive when you visit Web pages. In that regard, it is a question of temporary/permanent cookies, which are deleted automatically when the set time has expired. These temporary or even permanent cookies (age 14 days to 10 years) are stored on your hard drive and are deleted automatically when the set time has expired. Our partner company’s cookies contain only aliases for the most part completely anonymous data. For example, this is data about which products you have viewed, if something was purchased, which products searched, etc. In this context, record some of our advertising partners, including information about which sites you visited before and which products you are interested in you. The aim is to be able to show you advertisements that best correspond to your interests.

In that regard, our Web pages use so-called retargeting technology. We use this technology to make our Internet offer more interesting for you. This technology makes it possible to appeal to internet users who have already shown interest in our online store and our products with advertising on our partners ‘ websites. We are convinced that the display of personalized, interest-based advertising is usually more interesting for the internet user than the usual advertising, which lacks such a personal relationship. The display of these promotional materials on our partners ‘ pages are based on a cookie technology and an analysis of the past user behavior. This type of advertising is completely pseudonymous. When using our site, cookies will be used. Thus collected, saved, and used data on your use. In addition, your data will be saved in the cookies even after the end of the browser session, and then again, for example, can be called the next time you visit Web pages.

How can you prevent cookies from being saved?
You can set your browser so that cookies are accepted only if you agree and so with future effects prevent cookies stored on your computer. If you only want to accept Harika cookies, but not those from our suppliers and partners, you can change this setting in your browser to the “Block third-party cookies”.

In General, you can via the help function in your browser’s menu bar, see how you reject new cookies, and delete the ones you have already received.